Here’s a short illustrated ghost story I wrote in Kochi, Kerala, India in 2016.

The Trunk (Illustrated) copy 3

Anne Bean Cover Interview in Art Monthly

Anne Bean 1

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Art Monthly cover Feature on ‘Cosmonauts’ at the Science Museum London


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Profile of Tania Canidiani in Art Monthly

Tania article

Tania article 2

Transmediale Conference and CTM in Art Monthly April 2015

Capture All- Review of Transmediale Festival February 2015

Time Lords – Bruno Latour’s Anthropocene Monument in Art Monthly December 2014

Review of the Marrakech Biennale  March 2014

Manifesto for a Republic of the Moon, January 2014

Primate Cinema: Apes as Family, eBook August 2012

Special issue of ‘Antennae’ co-edited by Rob, Summer 2010

Interview with Laurie Anderson by Rob in Battcock’s ‘The Art of Performance’, 2010

An Introduction to Vertigo, in Zero Gravity: A Cultural User’s Guide, published by The Arts Catalyst, 2005

‘Ubiquity and Fluidity of Art, Science, Performance and Technology: 25 years of critical and creative curatorial practice 1979-2004’ PhD documentation School of Arts, Brunel University, September 2005